Ap1ication is a mobile application development company that bridges the gap between the capabilities of mobile software, hardware and network infrastructure.

Our passionate team designs and develops innovative apps for smartphone users.

Who We Are

Our executive team has decades of experience and accumulated intellectual property in web-based application development, electronic payment infrastructure, and data security. Ap1ication team members are talented in core technical and product development areas:

  • Geolocation
  • Innovation
  • Market Research
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Payment Solutions
  • Social Sciences
  • Software Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Analytics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Communication
  • Content Delivery
  • Data Security
  • Design
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Business Development

Our Mission

Ap1ication helps businesses, property managers and industry professionals reach their goals by providing an unprecedented software engagement platform. Ap1ication deploys private wireless networks and a suite of software solutions to produce valuable analytics, create direct marketing opportunities and connect social networks.

Our Vision

Ap1ication is committed to creating innovative solutions using cutting-edge software and proprietary hardware. We seek to standardize wireless communication and local positioning technologies. Our advanced communication platform will develop mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the people they serve.

Meet the ApBeacon

A Breakthrough Solution Suitable for a Wide Range of Commercial Use

The ApBeacon is a real-time local positioning system powered by Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy and Wi-Fi. It brings an unprecedented level of location awareness and connectivity to smartphone applications. We provide the hardware, support and software to enable proximity-based communication and analytics for all mobile platforms.

Introducing ApBeacon Technology

Set up ApBeacons around your store, restaurant or event venue to create a secure, self-contained virtual area. Interact with your customers and guests with an unprecedented level of precision and relevance.

Precise Local Positioning

ApBeacons provide customer proximity within inches, allowing for the most precise location experience on the market. The ApBeacon will identify when a guest has arrived or crossed from one area to another, creating new interaction opportunities as they move.

Personalized Consumer Interaction

Using the customized ApEngage dashboard, schedule messages to be delivered to customers or guests as they enter a zone. Tailor the content for individuals according to their social media activities and preferences.

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  • 243 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor
  • Toronto, ON Canada, M5V 1Z4